Blogging: Creative Interaction


We all know the benefits of reflective inquiry: it brings clarity to our teaching practice and helps us define our professional goals. But how many of us really practice reflective teaching? At the end of a long week, the thought of writing a lesson analysis onto a stark white piece of paper, or a blank Word document can seem like an uninspiring task.

Daejeon KOTESOL National Conference – May 2011

This is why the speaker began blogging. In the blogosphere, the canvas for reflection is colorful. The possibilities for creative interaction range from meaningful play with photography and video, to passionate personal dialogues with readers. It is through this multimedia, and through peer sharing that the presenter has been able to increase her teaching confidence, as well as develop a clearer vision of her pedagogical ambitions.

The speaker presents the evolution of her blog Throwing Back Tokens (, and how blogging can impact the audience’s reflective practice. She would love to see her audience leaving her presentation with the idea that the reflective blogging community may be also be a circle they would like to join.

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Daejeon KOTESOL National Conference

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