Classroom strategies

I’m slowly creating a database of blog posts and websites that resonate with my thoughts of what goes on, or what I’d like to see go on, in the classroom. Ultimately of course, it’s up to you to decide.

Instructions and Understanding

Praise and Rewards

  • How to Teach Children to Manage Their Own Behavior – “Taking time for connectionthoughtsfeelings, and solutions–even later, after an incident has occurred–helps a child.”
  • Six Reasons Rewards Don’t Work“What’s missing is that we must look not only at the benefit of the strategy but also at the cost, and decide if the gain is worth the price. When it comes to educating and raising children, at school and at home, there is always a cost, no matter what solution is selected. Some of the costs are obvious, many are hidden, but they must be considered whenever we determine if something works. When it comes to rewards, before we examine the potential benefits, lets fully examine the costs. They are very high.”

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