Support for Teachers

Programs and Organizations

Teacher Support Network – “At Teacher Support Network we believe that no teacher should have to cope with emotional strain alone, which is why we’re always here to listen. Our dedicated helpline, the only one of its kind, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Teaching Wellbeing – “Teaching Wellbeing believes that successful, happy, supported and less-stressed teachers is what drives student success. The best, most dedicated teachers are usually the first to burn out – and those are just the teachers our schools and students need.”

Teacher Wellbeing – “As an experienced & passionate educator having worked with thousands of people across Australia in all forms of education, I know  what it is like to repeat the same conversations with students each day, manage individual staff needs each week, and deal with challenging parents, not to mention the endless admin as well. It would seem like the “to-do” list never ended. From public schools, to private schools, Steiner schools, universities, colleges & working in outdoor education, I have seen and heard it all…. the stories are much the same. The one constant I see is high teacher demands resulting in poor teacher wellbeing.”


Support for teachers Psychologists are leading efforts to give teachers more control in an increasingly difficult line of work. – American Psychological Association

Teacher wellbeing: how to mentally prepare for a new school year – Gail Kinman, The Guardian

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