The Teacher as the Archetypal Student

What do we expect from our teachers? Do we sometimes put them up on pedestals, expecting them to do no wrong? Or when they are faulted, do we judge them too harshly?

I know I look for a teacher to whom I can look up. Someone who is willing to be real: an honest soul. It is this honesty that begs the learner to search deeper within. The teacher archetype carries with her the promise of fresh, certain, transferable knowledge.

Yet despite this projected promise, what if the teacher thinks of herself as the archetypal student: the perpetual learner? Does she somehow disappoint her own students when she displays a learner’s naïveté? Does the student within the teacher sometimes hinder her capability to convey trust in fresh, certain, transferable knowledge?

I delicately balance these two archetypes; in spite of this, the student seems to be carrying more weight. The question then arises: will the student bring forth a greater honesty from within the teacher, or impregnate a sense of doubt in her own students?