Celebrating Learners – The Celebration Challenge Continues

Put on your party hats because today we’re celebrating learners!

This is the second entry of the Celebration Challenge series. In last week’s post, Celebrating Teachers, you shared stories of memorable teachers.

For this round of celebrating, describe a memorable student via your blog, email (josette.leblanc@gmail.com), or Facebook, and I’ll post your stories here! (scroll down to see entries)

Disclaimer :P I realize that “memorable” doesn’t imply “good”, but for the sake of this challenge, we’ll veer in a more positive direction. It is a celebration after all ;)

I look forward to your stories! Here are a few from the KIETT participants.

KIETT participants make the switch from teachers to learners

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Celebrating Teachers – A Celebration Challenge

Let’s celebrate teachers, learners, teaching, and learning!

For this semester’s paragraph assignment, I asked my participants to choose one of these topics:

  1. Describe a memorable teacher.
  2. Describe a memorable student.
  3. Describe three characteristics you would like to have as a teacher.
  4. As a teacher, what is your dream?

I was so excited and proud of what they wrote that I wanted to share some of their quotes with you. (scroll down)

And in celebration of their self-exploration, I would like to reflect these topics back to you. Describe any of the above topics via your blog, email (josette.leblanc@gmail.com), or Facebook, and I’ll share them on my blog! It’s time for a celebration and I look forward to celebrating with you :)

This will be a three part series: celebrating teachers; celebrating learners; and celebrating learning and teaching. For today’s post, my participants celebrate their teachers:

“It is natural to forget many people as years go by, but the fact that I recall him from time to time proves that he still inspires me with how teachers ought to be.”

“When I was a middle school student, I was too poor at English. Fortunately, I met a kind and considerate English teacher and thanks to her I could get self-confidence and find my potential abilities. I want to be a teacher like her. ”

Primary Color Teachers :)

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