The constraint of frameworks (or how the rules we live by take away our creative freedom)

Frameworks, formulas, modalities, systems. They serve us well. Whether it’s a lesson planning framework you use to teach a language skill, or the set of rules you follow within your religion, systems help tame the chaos… More

Self-Empathy & Self-Compassion – Compassion Training 4

Self-empathy. Self-compassion. What’s the difference between these terms? I’ve been curious about this, and so it’s time to explore. I first heard of the concept of self-empathy when I went to my first Nonviolent Communication… More

Books that inspire my teaching

My dear friend and iTDi colleague, Ratnavathy Ragunathan, asked me to share a list of “must-read” books about ELT or teaching in general: books that have inspired me as a teacher. Well, she inspired me to create… More