ELT Lesson Plan Frameworks

ECRIF – Encounter, Clarify, Remember, Internalize, Fluently use

ECRIF: Seeing Learning – “The ECRIF framework is a way of looking at how people learn. Rather than prescribing what teachers should or should not do, the aim of this framework is to provide a tool that teachers can use to see student activities and content from the perspective of student learning. In this way, ECRIF is connected to how teachers think about what is happening in their classrooms.”

PPP – Present, Practice, ProducE

Teacher Training -Grammar Based PPP – This article is concerned with preparing an English conversation lesson for a holistic, structural, four skills syllabus and is aimed at new teachers or those unfamiliar with grammar based syllabus or the PPP model of lesson planning (Present, Practice, Produce).

In this video, Scott Thornbury talks about the benefits and shortcomings of PPP.

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