Turning Points & Right-handed Blogging with @AnnLoseva

Can you describe an important turning point in your life?

This is one of my favourite questions to ask, but it isn’t always a pleasant question to answer. It may require letting go of some barriers. It may require trusting the listener. And so, I finally sit here at my blog — the barriers were safely in position for 6 months — contemplating this trust. I want to provide a response because I want to record this moment. It was a turning point after all, and turning points are pivotal parts of one’s narrative.

6 months ago, right after I finished observing my last lesson of the semester, my body spoke loud and clear. It cramped up and it was sweaty when there was no logical reason. I felt dizzy and couldn’t breathe well. My body was asking me to do what my mind didn’t have the language to articulate: to take care of myself (body, mind, and spirit).

I don’t feel ready to write about the details of what lead to this turning point, but I am excited to share what came out of it.

I’ve been getting more sleep; I’ve been exercising more; I’ve been eating better; I’ve been meditating regularly; I’ve been turning off my computer; I’ve been letting go of the expectations I usually put on myself.

But the most exciting thing is this — I am in the midst of developing the curriculum I have always wanted to create: a curriculum based on helping teachers connect to their inner lives. I began the semester with language lessons based on helping teachers develop their emotional literacy (looking at feelings and needs vocabulary from a variety of perspectives and language skills, namely reading, and writing.) My goal here is to give them the time and space to connect to the challenges and celebrations of the teacher’s life, while also helping them develop their language skills. Six weeks into the semester, and I know I am on the right track. This feeds my soul in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

A turning point turns into another.


I am grateful to Anna Loseva for coming to visit me this weekend, and for the right-handed blog party that ensued. Without her, I’m sure that this post would have been written much later.  This was my first time blogging with someone, and also my first time pressing publish without being totally satisfied with what I’ve written. Another turning point perhaps?

Right hands



10 thoughts on “Turning Points & Right-handed Blogging with @AnnLoseva

  1. This is wonderful and I’m so happy for you. It’s also great to read about this more personal side of a teacher’s life. Your new curriculum sounds amazing and I imagine its very much welcomed by the Korean teachers! Thanks for sharing.



    1. Dear Gemma,
      Thank you so much for sharing the joy. I also want to thank you for your words of encouragement. I have felt for a long time now that I need to take a more personal approach to my blog, and have been struggling with how to do that. Comments like yours help me make sense of it. I’m starting to see that it’s just about sharing what I see and feel. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the reactions of the teachers. Just goes to show that you never know how something will go until you try. Thanks for reading!


  2. Dear Josette,

    I’m glad you hit the publish button without being totally satisfied. I’m flattered that I, the reader and the listener, finally won your trust. I admire your courage to change your life at the right moment. I’m genuinely amused by your idea to only use your right hand to write up this post – I guess it required a lot of patience which I lack. Thanks for the post.



    1. Dear Hana,

      Thank you so much for your support. Knowing that colleagues like you would read this, clicking the publish button wasn’t as scary.

      And just to clear up the right-handed comment, I actually can only type with my right hand. As Anna said a few times this weekend, our left hands are useless, haha. We just found out on the weekend that we both share this little quirk. It made blogging that much more special. So, no patience required. ;)

      Thanks for reading!


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