The Mirror That Sees Me (a short story)

The following tale was inspired by my experiences at Centro Espiral Mana; in and near La Fortuna, and Liberia, Costa Rica; and during the SIT TESOL course. I hope you enjoy my attempt at creative expression. :)


There is a mirror out there that has great clarity. Once you look in this mirror, you’ll see your truth reflected. When you first take a look, you may not believe what you see because your heart is too clouded. I have a remedy for this cloudiness.

First you must go to the rainforest. Visit the sloths, the iguanas, the tree frogs, the vultures, the howler monkeys, the flying fish, the scorpions, the fire ants, the toucans, and the blue butterflies.

Eat papaya, pineapple, rice and beans, lemons, mangos, and avocado. Drink the coffee. This is all prepared by loving hands and you will taste the essence of pura vida

You may meet a lovely Mexican woman who shares her traditional dishes with you. A kind lady from Honduras helps her prepare these meals. Accept their food with gratitude as they blend it with love. You need this love in order to see your reflection.

Walk to the river. You’ll meet a dog with no name. He will teach you about unconditional love. All he wants from you is your presence. Be present. Breathe. Feel the earth beneath you.

Swim in volcano water and cleanse your doubts. Make a detour at the healer’s house. It is deep in the jungle. Listen to her words and accept her healing hands.

When you you’ve done all that I’ve mentioned above, you’ll notice that some of the haze has lifted from your heart. But there is still a bit more clearing to do.

After a while  you’ll come to a place at the end of the road. Here you’ll meet four teachers. Listen to them. Observe them.

the four guides

They’ll hold up the mirror and show you ways of looking at yourself. These ways may seem unconventional. They are. Trust them.

Now, look into the mirror one more time. The fog has lifted. Do you see? You are more than you knew. You are you.

27 thoughts on “The Mirror That Sees Me (a short story)

  1. Thanks dear Josette…thanks for sharing those bits of you than allowed me to see a great person…a person willing to learn…full of great feelings…full of happines and love….thank you for being so opened to different ways of thinking…thanks for opening your heart…thans for being you :D


  2. Josette!!!
    Thank you for your beautiful and picturesque story!!! I felt as if I was re-living, re-tasting, re-seeing, re-touching and re-soaking… ahhhhhhh… thanks for your inspirational writing as well as for the month we got to hang out, learn and teach together. It was wonderful!!! As Roger said, we are waiting for you to come back…..
    hugs and love,


    1. Mary!!!

      I receive your joy and gratitude with all my heart. This was the experience my heart was so desperately seeking. I am also grateful for the learning, teaching and healing that happened. Thank you.

      You’ll see me there again. :)

      Love and hugs back,


  3. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. You! Inside and out. In the flesh, from your heart or on paper. Thanks for sharing the experience. That’s what education is all about.


  4. It sort of reminds me of a story you tell students in one of those Challenge to Think texts from ELB. I’ve always loved them and I love this personalisation of your exploratory and reflective journey lately. Beautiful.


  5. Dear Josette,
    Lovely! You write in such away I can feel the water, I can see every colour, I can even taste the food. Makes me feel so good. Sensory story.
    Thank you for this moment and huge hugs!


    1. Dear Debbie,

      Thank you so much for your sensory feedback. It’s very encouraging to know that my words affected you this way. It was so much fun to write, and I don’t usually write this kind of thing. New beginnings? :)

      Big grateful hugs back at you!


  6. Hi Joette!

    What a lovely account – the way you describe, the photos…my heart felt peaceful just by reading it. I hope you have many more opportunities like this : )



    1. How wonderful to imagine how you felt when you read this. Thank you for that gift Vicky. :) Knowing that brought a bit of peace via this post truly makes my day.

      Hugs to you!


  7. Josette,

    This is just lovely. The rythm and pace really had me flowing down a river of self discovery. And I love the pictures as well. I’d really like to use this story and give students space to draw their own images and express what the story means to them.

    And the end gave me goosbumps. I am more I knew. I am me. That is just the kind of message I (and my students) cannot hear enough.

    Thank you,


    1. What inspiring feedback Kevin! Thank you. It was such a fun piece to write. I wrote everything except the last paragraph on the plane back to Korea. It just flowed. :) It was the only way to come close to what I experienced there I guess.

      As with anything I write, please feel free to share it with your students. It would be great fun to see where they take it. :)

      And thank you for inspiring this type of writing. I had you in my thoughts on the plane, and I was going to tweet-tag you, but you beat me to it. It’s so exciting to discover a new voice within me. Cheers to your stories Kevin!



  8. This is beautiful Josette!! Thank you for such a descriptive, inspiring and encouraging story. We will be waiting for you to come back someday soon!!! :~)


    1. Looking forward to that day! :) Thank you so much for reading and commenting Roger. It means a lot to know your thoughts on this piece. It just flowed! It was so much fun to write and choose the pictures. I hope all is well at Centro, and that No Name is okay. :P Big hugs to you and the gang!


  9. What a beautiful post! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience and grew, not only as a teacher and a practitioner, but as a person as well.


    1. Thank you Suzanne! You saw clear through this post. :) It was a transformative experience in all the ways you mentioned. I feel very grateful. Thank you for sharing the joy!


  10. Wow!!!!! Josette, you could put every single detail together and describe each moment with inspiration ans passion because i fell the passion through your wodrs. thank you for sharing this amazing creation from you.
    hugs to you!! CELESTE


    1. Thank you for the enthusiastic feedback Celeste! It’s a pleasure to share this with you, especially now knowing that it has touched you in this way. It was a lot of fun to write (I don’t usually write stories) and to think back on our time at Centro. So much happened! Again, thank you for being a part of this story. Hugs back! Josette


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