A Final Learning Statement at Centro Espiral Mana, SIT TESOL

On Friday, the February 2013 SIT TESOL course at Centro Espiral Mana ended. When a course closes here, participants are asked to create a final learning statement, summarizing what they have learned over the four weeks. Some participants wrote songs, poems, or essays, some created visual representations, and others recorded narratives. Each of these creations highlighted the inspiring process that goes on at Centro. Tony Paredes — a teacher from Tarapato, Peru — created the comic strip below. I asked Tony if I could share his learning statement  because I thought it was a great example of how some experienced teachers feel after taking this course. As Tony shows us, it’s truly transformative.

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2 thoughts on “A Final Learning Statement at Centro Espiral Mana, SIT TESOL

  1. Dear Josette,
    He just summarized the entire course with a few strips of cartoon. Very creative person!

    Something that came up to my mind about giving instructions for tasks (as he highlighted above), I think the best place to start with the practice of giving clear instruction is at the very beginner level, where students probably don’t speak a single word of English. It can be exasperating, but with patience, observation, self-reflections of his / her own teaching practice, a teacher would, I’d strongly say, become very good at giving instructions (using specific gestures for one word verbs, facial expressions, etc). Just thought of sharing this…

    Great to see you back in Korea, Josette!



    1. Dear Ratna,

      Isn’t he? I’m so glad he was willing to share it with my blog readers. What a treat!

      I think you make a good point when it comes to instruction giving. The simpler the better. An easy thing to say, but in practice…. And that’s why we need practice and patience as you mention. Isn’t teaching amazing? So many angles to look at in order to try and transmit meaning.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! I hope to get the chance to share mine our blog some day soon! :P Now that I’m back on schedule, it should be easier.



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