#JALT2012 Journey: Meeting @kevchanwow

When @michaelegriffin and I met at the Incheon International Airport, we knew we were in for an adventure. The adventure began like this…

Mr. Stein’s Pick Up Service – Hatless

@kevchanwow, with “Michael and Josette” typed in 16 point font on his iPad, greets us at Arrivals. Hugs of #gratitude and #excitement. Thoughts in my mind, “Is this really happening?” We rush off to catch the train…

where long overdue face-to-face conversations ensue over refreshing beverages @kevchanwow was so generous to bring for us. We arrive at his lovely home, stars twinkling in the Nara sky. Delicious food is waiting on the kitchen table prepared by his gracious (and very funny) partner-in-life/radio star DJ. The glee continues.

A handout from @michaelegriffin – a noted moment

@kevchanwow would not be able to join us at the JALT International Conference since the lucky people in New Zealand got to see him present only a few days before at the CLESOL conference (read his pre-conference post, A Post Before I Go, and post-conference post, Wikis and Instant Noodles: my times at CLESOL). Perhaps to celebrate the JALT experience, @michaelegriffin shares a handout he prepared for his presentation, “Common pitfalls of observation feedback.” This #TESOLgeek moment is cherished….as are many more.

Goodnight from Nara the ancient capital of Japan…

But perhaps none more than this one:

Screen shot by @michaelegriffin

Thank you so much to the @kevchanwow clan for sharing your home with us. I am still in awe of your generosity and warmth. I look forward to the day that I can return your kindness.

PS. We ended our trip to Nara with a delightful tour of the deer park before Mrs. @kevchanwow kindly drove us to the train station. Amazing people. Amazing experience.

Note: I added two new categories thanks to this part of the JALT journey: gratitude and friendship. :)


12 thoughts on “#JALT2012 Journey: Meeting @kevchanwow

  1. ‘Tis amazing, isn’t it? Last year I met one member of my PLN. This month, I met two. The feelings were similar. Yea, just like old friends meeting. How can old friends meet for the first time? It’s a paradox, no? But Internet is a miracle, so nothing is impossible. Even with someone whom I haven’t had in my PLN for long, it just felt oh-so comfortable, and I am not one who usually feels comfortable meeting people for the first time…or the nth time even! Haha.
    May this miracle continue!


    1. Yes it is amazing! I feel so lucky to experience this kind of friendship. Never in my wildest dreams, as a little girl in rural Canada, could I have imagined that one day my dearest friendships would develop via wires and waves. Yay for miracles! :) And thanks for being part of this miracle Chiew!


  2. Josette,

    Having the two of you as guests was…almost exactly what I thought it was going to be like. It was like having two old friends who I had a lot of catching up to do with spending a few hours in my house. Not sure how a purely electronic relationship can feel like that, but it makes me pretty hopeful for what the internet can do to bring teachers together (and maybe not just teachers). I wish we could have spent more time together, but thanks to you and Michael, I got over my post-conference CLESOL blues in record time. Hope you have the very best of times at the KOTESOL conference. Next year, I will be skipping NZ, and hitting JALT and KOTESOL.

    Thanks again for the visit. And a blog post as a perfect send of for the night.



    1. Kevin,

      I can’t wait to see you here next year. We might have to bypass KOTESOL and just focus on a “Kevchanwow Conference”. I think there would be similar attendance. As Luca already knows, you’ve created quite a name for yourself here. :)

      Although I smile when I write this, I am also quite serious. You have a special place in our hearts, and I feel fortunate to have been able to spend time with you and yours. It is pretty amazing, as you say, to think that we can feel so close after only having an online connection. It’ll take years for me to process this sociological occurrence. :) Or maybe it’s just better to let this magic be. Some magic can’t be toyed with.

      Till we meet again my friend.


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