Teacher Autobiographies – KIETT Spring 2010

During the first session of the Keimyung Intensive English Teacher Training program (KIETT), trainees wrote a one-paragraph teacher’s autobiography. Here are some of the results:

I Am a Traveler

By Kang Shinho

As a teacher, I think I’m a traveler. When travelers fill their bags with things needed for travel, I fill my heart, soul and brain with continuous studying so that my students will be able to use it when they’re in need. In addition, when travelers want to have a cozy and comfortable place to take a rest after a long walk, I, as another traveler, feel comfortable when I teach, play and be with my lovely students. Moreover, as travelers recall travels they’ve just finished, and as they develop rolls of film, I automatically recall and think how to develop my own classes better for next time. With all mentioned above, as a teacher, I am, indeed, a traveler who’s looking for the destination, which makes me a professional traveler.

Who I Am As a Teacher

By Son Young ju

To respect one another is my creed in class. Before meeting students, I usually begin to memorize their names, and pray for my relationship with them. When I first meet my students, I give them a letter, which conveys to students and their parents a brief biographical introduction, and the basic principals of education in my class. Secondly, I always try to understand who my students are and what their needs are. Then I prepare appropriate measures to satisfy them emotionally and academically. I make a constant effort to carry out the plans as far as I can. Also, I acknowledge my weaknesses in front of my students and ask their assistance. Because I am a single-mom with three children, I really need their support all the time. Lastly, I think I can learn from my students. I believe learning, as well as teaching, makes me mature and enriches my life. A scholar of the Jo-seon dynasty said, “If you love, you get to know and see more what is different from what you saw in the past.” I believe that honesty, caring, modesty, and love are the foundation for mutual respect.

Feeling Happiness As an English Teacher

 By Heo Jung Won

The reason I became an English teacher is because I enjoy studying English. When I entered middle school, the Seoul Olympic Games were held in Korea, so many foreigners visited our nation. With the hope to communicate with them, I studied English hard, and began to take to it; I never had the chance to talk to them, though. By the time I became a high school student, English was my most prominent subject on tests. Therefore, I decided to apply for English education department in University, and this choice proved to be right. Truly, I took a delight in English novels and poems. After experiencing failure several times, I became an English teacher. Ultimately, I realized my dream, and I really love my job. The best thing about being an English teacher is that I feel happy when my students enjoy my English class as I enjoyed studying English when I was young.


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